I love life in the springtime……


OK, it is still winter, and of course we can all still wear colourful clothes if we so wish in the winter, but I love spring as it tells me, screams at me, calls to me, that summer is on its way, and I am not fooled my rains April, or cloudy says as we Brits know we live with a complex weather system, but I know, I know that soon the seaside will be in its element, shorts and skirts can make an appearance, legs are eleven, breasts are popping out while lips are receding (ok that last bit was Victoria Wood)…..dresses, pretty lippy, sweet perfumes make the air smell fresh and feminine, flowers start to bloom, birds sind, fairs can be outside, festivals come and go, sandals make an appearance and skin and flesh are on show just as nature intended……all to come, unless you are lucky enough to be in a sunnier climate right now….in which case, enjoy it lovelies and bring some of the light, fresh, joyful reflection and liveliness home with you please until we don’t have to wear, socks, scarves, hats, blankets, coats…….my little contribution to brightening up winter a little (we don’t all have to wear black in winter now) is to dress to RSPCA charity mannequins in pink and red and accessories to match……I didn’t just randomly wonder in and start changing things….I volunteer there…..otherwise that would just be plain nutty! I like to be nutty but with a certain amount of permission!!

Anthropologie have some great pictures and ideas to inspire your imagination and make your creative juices dance, and boy do I feel I need that….don’t we all need a little or big reminder that life can be bright and colourful, and delightful and glorious in the little and the big things. This year I want to wear more skirts again, to find a nice swimwear and to get out and enjoy my body and life in all its sweetness and loveliness. And I wish you all wonderful experiences and loveliness in your life.

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Stag & Bow in Forest Hill – go forth and make lovely things

I love Stag & Bow and I was thrilled when they were at my fair, and I love their shop and the whole idea of such a lovely creative space for mooching, acquiring, buying and discovering, as well as dreaming, creating, imagining and achieving. If you South East of Mother Thames then I encourage you to walk through the door of this special place in a new fangled world…

In March their courses are:

Book binding part 2 – Saturday 2nd 9 -12 (3 hours) £36

Focusing on the ‘Coptic’ method of book binding, Sew several sections together and add a basic printed element to the cover if you wish. A step up from the Introduction workshop but experience is not essential.

Leatherwork an introduction – Thursday 7th & 14th 7 – 9 (4 hours) £50

Over 2 weeks you will learn to design, cut, tool and stitch together a leather purse or wallet under the expert guidance of our Tutor Colin the Cowboy. This class may be carried on further to make your own bespoke piece if you get lassoed!

Introduction to your sewing machine – Saturday 9th & 16th March 9-12pm (6 hours) £70

Over two weeks this class will cover the basics needed to get your head and hands around your sewing machine confidently (including those fancy computerised ones….). Making a shopping bag with appliquéd detail, bring your own sewing machine and with ring mistress Pascale, free the creative beast within!

Invasion of the Bodice Snatchers! – Tuesday 12th March 6.30 – 8pm £5

Conservator  Catlin is here to save the day! Imparting her wisdom and wealth of experience with all you need to know about spotting, swatting, and keeping those beastly Moths, Beetles & bodice munching buggers at bay!

Experimental stitch & collage – Tuesday 19th 6.30 – 9.30 (3hours) £38

Playing with different fabric embellishing techniques including foil blocking, machine embroidery, layering, dissolvable fabric and free hand embroidery, you will create a beautiful collage.

Buttonology textile talk – Thursday 21st 7 – 9pm (2hours) £24

A talk with a ‘hands on’ twist, exploring their history whilst making a traditional stuffed fabric button and a Dorset button, made on a curtain ring with thread. Surprisingly not invented until the 14th c. delving into a bit of child exploitation as Dorset buttons were crucial in the evolution of working clothes and smocks.

Spring Baskets! – Saturday 23rd & 30th 9-12 (6 hours) £70

Willow & hedgerow basket-weaving; with artist & author Stella Harding, making a simple basket from a mix of willow and garden prunings/foraged material, you will take a basket to be carried home in (if you’re lucky…).

Feltmaking part 2 – Tuesday 26th 6.30 – 9.30 (3hours) £36

Building upon the basics learnt in the introduction to feltmaking, Skip sister Pia will guide your creativity and feltmaking to new unexplored heights! Go on surprise yourself……

Lino printing an introduction – Thursday 28th 6.30 – 9.30 (3 hours) £36

Be seduced by the strong images you can create with a two colour reduction lino print whilst getting a firm grip on the basics to take away and play.

Friday night social – Friday 29th  6-9 pm

Blimey! What a lovely way to start your weekend! Come and have a social crafty good time with us, a knit, stitch, prick, draw, glass of wine/tea, early to bed or a pre cursor to a night on the tiles/Wetherspoons (?!), whatever tickles your fancy… Don’t be shy, it’s the weekend!!

To see more from the Stag & Bow website, including updates and lovely useful bits, please see their webhome:


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Cutie fluffy bunny craft – Clay Easter Rabbits & Hares


Arty crafty lovely market lady Penny Eccles sounds mighty fine and creative – go forth and potter!

Saturday 06 April: 13:30 – 14:45 | Auditorium: Pottery Studio | Farnham Maltings

Join resident ceramicist Penny Eccles on Market Saturdays in the Maltings Pottery and get creative and experiment with materials such as clay, plaster of paris and mosaics.

For April’s Monthly Make sculpt an Easter rabbit or hare out of clay. All ages welcome

More on that new fangled and thoroughly modern web thingy:


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After a wee long break I am stepping back into the blogging boogie

thoughtful vintage

Life called the shots last summer and everything usual and routine took a back seat, a random left turn, a step into another life, another reality – a stressful thing turned into a new path in my life. Vintage and Mrs Antil’s legacy (of a kind) didn’t go far but had a holiday, for a bit..with comfy shoes on of course.

So, after sorting out the whole ‘what is my password’ issue, I hope to get back into a new regular swing of this blogging lark of an old fashioned and lovely kind. And hopefully a fair may appear on the horizon – one thing at a time though.

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Twist me Vintage: Twisted Vintage

Vintage kisses to Twisted Vintage.

Twisted Vintage takes forgotten jewellery, whether it be bent, broken or tarnished and revives and reconstructs it into beautiful pieces of authentic vintage jewellery, that is unique in style.


Every piece of jewellery from Twisted Vintage comes in a complimentary recycled vintage bag, hand-stitched from old curtains or cloth – adding another unique twist to your piece. As a present, a bridal gift or simply to add a bit of dazzle to an outfit, each piece of jewellery from the range of necklaces and bracelets at Twisted Vintage is an exquisite work of art.


Next Open house:

12th and 13th of May 2012 in Forest Hill

Please sign up to their mailing list, where you will get full details of upcoming events: www.twisted-vintage.co.uk/events/

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Caterham Indoor Market – 5th May 2012

This sounds wonderful. Caterham really needs a regular market of local affordable produce as Caterham Valley doesn’t have an independent bakers, a bakers or greengrocers and boy could we do with them.

I don’t know if there’s any entry free but as a market there shouldn’t be. I will be taking a peek at the Caterham Indoor Market and hopefully it’ll be something that becomes a valued contribution to the community.

Caterham Indoor Market – 5th May 2012:

Indoor market selling a selection of local goods and produce OPEN 9 am – 12.30 a refreshing change to the High Street.

Stalls offering a wide range of home-made Jams, Cakes, and Preserves, Local Honey, Jewellery, Watch Repairs, Local Farm Eggs, Award Winning Portrait Artist, Nearly New Clothes, Fashion Accessories, Home Made Cards, and Bedding Plants.

Refreshments and light snacks readily available – fully accessible building.

Caterham Indoor Market, Harestone Hill, opposite Morrison’s car park, Caterham, Caterham United Reform Church, Surrey, CR3 6SX

Caterham Indoor Market is organised by John Morris who can be contacted on 01883 340 812 and new fangled electronic email djohnmorris@talktalk.net

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Frock Me Vintage Fashion Fair: Sunday 29th of April 2012

Fashionistas with an eye for classic style will be flocking to the latest Frock Me vintage fashion fair in Chelsea. 11am – 5.30pm. £4 Entry fee.

Chelsea Town Hall, King’s Road, London, SW3

020 7254 4054


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