The Caterham Vintage and Art Fair

The Caterham Vintage and Art Fair is on Saturday the 17th of September 2011 from 11am – 5pm at Soper Hall in Caterham.

The vintage and art wares and works will be affordable and the fair is for my now local community of Caterham but without leaving out my childhood home of South East London! I am keen to get as many local artists and vintage lovelies involved as possible as well as anyone else from the community that is fitting!

There are two halls in all and one will revel in vintage loveliness and the second in creative beauty.

If you know anyone that fits either of these please ask them to contact me through my blog.

Soper Hall itself can be found 3/4 minutes walk from Caterham station. It’s on Harestone Valley Road which opposite and slightly to the right of the station. To get there it is best to use the crossing to the left as you come out of the station – just past Waitrose – either that are you can try dashing across the road but Saturdays are busy road wise!


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