Old lady and old gent pupsters and kitties

The gentlemen above are Block, Baxter, Ollie and Charlie.

I love animals and I love old animals, and I never understand why people go just for kittens and puppies, the youngsters, rather than the older ones, or the really old ones – they all have so much to offer after all. By all means mix and match, in a loving way that is, not like your shopping at a super-market.

If you have to give a home to a rescue animal and you live in the East Surrey area then Edenbridge isn’t too far away and that’s where you can find Last Chance Animal Rescue

You can see the golden oldies on the Age’s Pages. Last Chance Animal Rescue say: “Here are our ‘always overlooked’ animals that desperately need loving homes. All you true animal lovers, please consider opening your hearts and your homes to one of the following”: www.lastchanceanimalrescue.co.uk/kennel/agesdog.php

I was lucky enough to be given a short haired Jack Russell for my fifth birthday after my Mother and Father made very sure I would look after them. I named the little white dog, who looked like a rabbit to me and had beautiful brown eyes and a lovely black nose, Whitey. I thought I was being very original as I thought it would be obvious to call her Snowy! Whitey was my best friend and in many ways still is as I think of her often. She passed away when I was 18 and I love her dearly and I miss her dearly. Jack Russells are wonderful dogs and wonderful friends to have.

I’ll have to stop now as I may end up crying all afternoon otherwise.

I can’t wait to be able to have some animals of my own again – I would love some old kitties and pups, plus a duck or two and a cow or three. Oh and a horse. And some sheep – especially Beulahs and Jacobs. I could go on…

Enjoy the lovely gents and ladies.


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I am female, I love to feel free, I love to walk and explore, and I love animals and I want to find out more about them. Spending time with
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