Kate Tarling’s darling art!

Kate Tarling makes things that are as pretty as a very pretty thing…..

Well worth a very long peek:

0117 9445455


Kate Tarling says:

I have been designing, making and creating as far back as I can remember.

I love the notion that a few old beads, a bit of felt and some crafty embroidery can produce something beautiful.

My talent with a needle is largely self taught, (apart from some crucial early tutoring by my mother), and since the births of my two children I have found the time and creative inclination to design and make. At present I work in a studio/shop called Fig in Bristol with five other very talented and inspirational artist makers.

When I sew I use my needle like a pen and my silks and felt become my  inks. My designs can be based entirely on a stitch, or can be inspired by a snapshot of my garden. Either way, it is the combination of  colour and texture that ultimately influences a piece of work.

I welcome any chance I can grab to experiment and work on something new so please contact me if you would like to discuss a commission.


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I am female, I love to feel free, I love to walk and explore, and I love animals and I want to find out more about them. Spending time with
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