Amazing inspiration

It’s funny where inspiration, hope and confidence can come from.  And possibly more importantly where it can lead to. It’s almost a week since my first ever fair and it made a difference organising it (even if I didn’t do a perfect job, which some people have delighted in telling me – they won’t be getting thank you letters), the day before (even though I was very nervous) and the day itself proved me wrong, proved my dreams right and showed me how great I can be, others can be and how loved I am – and that if you build it, they will come!! (Thanks Russell Brand!). And they do, and they did, and they will.

REM have disbanded and I do feel this sense of ‘oh no….’ but then I understand that they achieved this huge thing that they can feel incredibly proud of….and I am sure they have felt proud of it the whole time, because it was and is their lives. I am sure they will continue to find happiness and sadness in their lives, as people do. I am just so happy I got to see them play when I was 19. For that I am very thankful and appreciative and happy about. Yesterday I added ‘Empire State of Mind. Today I will post ‘Stand’ by REM as it’s a wonderful song too. Listen and enjoy my friends!

My friend Nicole Rahmi is the organiser of the wonderful Oxford Christmas Market. You can drive there, get a coach or the bus (the oxford tube) there and you’ll have a great time. It’s on for 17 days I think and it’s a great day out, it’s romantic, it’s fun, it’s magical, and it’s all from Nicole’s lovely mind…..she helped inspire me to follow my dream and I hope that if you have a dream, whatever it is, that you find it in yourself to give it a bloody good go! Who’s going to care in 500 years time….maybe your future family will look back and find what you did and think you ruled! I look back at my family tree and I am proud, but it doesnt matter if people in the future don’t know, and it certainly doesn’t matter what people think if they aren’t too kind to you. F*** them, just have a go anyway  – I think being a potty mouth can come in very handy!

My Mum, and Dad and Nan and many others are a constant inspiration to and for me.

I was at an event held by The London Press Club and DWPub last night and the speaker for the evening was a lovely, intelligent and beautiful lady called Katharine Whitehorn and she had quite a fan base come to hear her speak as well as my fellow colleagues. She’s 83 and worked for the Picture Post, now writes for The Observer and believes strongly in the equality for women – of course, we women still don’t have complete equality but one thing we do have is our voice and we know how to use it, which is very important and should never be underestimated. I have had people who should know far better try to undermine me and belittle me many times and I think it will come back to them, I just don’t care to be around when it does – they will have to clear up their own mess. Katharine is great and it makes a difference to meet an intelligent woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

To see find out more about the Oxford Christmas Market go to this new fangled site:

Katharine Whitehorn on the wikipedia doo dar:

The lovely REM on the new fangled internet thing:


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