Blossom Dearie – I wish I’d known about her before

I have only just discovered Blosson Dearie. How did my life pass so far without knowing about her and it’s sad that her life has now passed on this earth at least. Some people leave life behind for others like Kylie Minogue who was and is greatly influenced by her and that’s how I found out about her. Blossom has a gorgeous name and of course is a lovely ingenue herself. I like ingenues. They inspire me. I didn’t know I was an ingenue until I was twenty. I had feelings I might be girly but I didn’t really see it and if I am honest I still have an inclination to think I’m not that feminine, I guess because I have an image of feminine that isn’t always accurate, and yet I see it in others all the time. Lots of people at least.

Anyway, this isn’t about me, it’s about Blossom.

I found this blog mention about her and I think it says a lot I’d like to say, plus it has a nice selection of pictures too. I will have to do my Blossom Dearie homework.


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1 Response to Blossom Dearie – I wish I’d known about her before

  1. Dear Ms. Antil, Thank you for your beautiful valentine to Blossom and the link to another Blossom blog, I am a singer who is currently performing a tribute to Blossom’s first songbook; Bird Amongst the Blossom. I am developing to perform it throughout the United States in addition to those places she was popular outside of the USA. She wrote a lot of great music and had her own record label. She was a woman ahead of her time. I was fortunate to meet her in 1993 in San Francisco and own her last apartment piano which I use in my show when performing in the NYC area. Please visit: and fan Blossom on Facebook. Warmest Regards. JayeBird

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