Mrs Antil’s Apartment loves MadameBogg’s Crafty Critter Emporium

Ooh, MadameBogg, cute and crafty – take a peek at

“It’s a hodgepodged collection stuffed with cheeky felt folk, friendly monsters and cute little pixie people. Every softie is hand-sewn and unique.

Hi! I like sewing little critters out of old socks, scraps and felt. When I’m not crafting or painting I enjoy wasting time on my beloved computer games, but I’m partial to adventures in real life too.

I have a blog, that I should update more often! I post my drawings, some paintings and plushies galore: 


About Anita in Mrs Antil's Apartment

I am female, I love to feel free, I love to walk and explore, and I love animals and I want to find out more about them. Spending time with
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