St Valentine – love is all around

So Valentines Day has come and gone for another year, but romance lives always and every day you can find ways to be romantic from a listening ear and a lovers kiss to big grand gestures of love like proposing marriage or a surprise trip to Paris! Romance is in all the little and simple things though and you don’t need lace, roses or chocolates and overloading presents…although personally I love chocolate and I have lots female and male friends that do.

Time well spent, thoughtfulness and freedom to be who you are and do things that you love are the biggest and most sexiest of things of all when it comes to the space a love interest, lover, partner, husband/wife provide. If you can’t be yourself in all your ways, throughout all your changes then it’s unlikely that person is form you.

I love the idea and reality of real romance and encourage it always. We all need love in one way or another.

I also wanted to say something about the lovely Whitney Houston. She was a gorgeous woman and I think she should be remembered for the positive things she did, her wonderful voice, her lovely ingenue face, her great eighties dancing, her fantastic smile, her musicality, being a great actress, being a loving mother and being incredibly strong. Sometimes she wasn’t so strong but that’s ok, because that’s human and surely when someone’s life comes to an end it’s time to stop saying horrid things about them (media – take note). Bullying is never acceptable and I think she had more than her share.

Whitney deserves love, forgiveness, more love and to be remembered for singing about love and a the wonderful things in life. Whitney – I will always love you.

My favourite Whitney Houston songs are…

I wanna dance with somebody (eighties, pastels, smiley gorgeousness)

I’m every woman (this reminded/reminds me to be proud to be a woman)

I will always love you (lost love, possibility of new love, just simply soulful)

Love and romance to you all.


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I am female, I love to feel free, I love to walk and explore, and I love animals and I want to find out more about them. Spending time with
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