Colour Me Vintage – Red


Colour is one of those apects of life that you either pay a lot of attention to or you don’t, or you are vaguely aware of colour but either are afraid of it or only pay it lots of attention when it’s right in your face, hard to miss.


Red is one of those colours, like yellow but less controversial in my eyes at least and I really think that yellow and red is generally a very bad combination. There will always be people, places, nature, sunsets, climates that pull off the combination with grace and effortless breathtaking style, but not usually in the UK. I am more than happy to be wrong though.


So red, rouge, mid-red (pink tones), there’s blue based and yellow based reds in muted, shiny, dark and light colours – and sparkly can be good and bad. I like red shiny patent shoes as very well modelled by Dorothy..why didn’t Toto have a matching doggie coat…hmm

Red can look very stunning with black and some people mix it with white too  – this is one of my least favourite combinations but I understand it. I naturally suit muted summer colours in cool tones – chocolate browns, navy blue, black grape, rose madder, lovely mid blues of a faded by the sea variety. I don’t look good in black and red of quite harsh tones because they look harsh on my fair blue based skin that goes red and freckles rather than tans in the sun.

I know that someone such as Dita Von Teese looks wonderful in these potentially dramatic colours. The lady may be a natual blonde (using Garnier black hair dye aparently) but the lady looks good in the classics of fashion as far as the 19th, 20th and 21st century are concerned. Dita lives out my dreams of looks chic and not at all ill in black. I don’t mind not wearing it though as there is such a lovely wheel and spectrum of colours to wear.

Vintage lends itself naturally to more daring and playful outfits from 1950s candy colours items to eye popping pink shoes, black and yellow rock n roll meets banana milkshake striped tops and three quarter length classic summer trousers, and ladies weating outfits of one colour and many shades be it gothic black, ingenue rose, classic princess creams, Hollywood Glamourpuss white (with black sunglasses or white framed specs) etc. Vintage is the goddess of inspiration and reinventon – and red items, worn or new can be put together to create your red personality if you are a lady or gent of red, or want to try it. If you want to start small and subtle then undergarments are the way to go. This is where I try out alternate personalities or colours I am unsure of that are my guilty secrets but that looks a little shite as visible clothe colours.

There are so many reds, so if you are unsure if you can pull the colour off then look at different shades in clothes, accessories, paints, wallpapers, furniture. Look to see what pleases your eye and why. See if you can pull off the same fee for yourself, through your wardrobe – be it nice pants, pretty earrings, nice shoes, dresses, trousers, belts, badges, bags, hair bands etc – to get some ideas of reds out there in the colourful world of ours you may find these sites useful – of the new fangled variety:

Makeup Withdrawal:

The Science Bit – Color Vision: One of Nature’s Wonders:


Oh and then there’s light red or pink as it’s known and I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t look mighty fine in the right tone/shade!

Be brave. Be free. Be Pink or Red or any colour you damn well please.

Happy red days.


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