CHARLESTONERCISE – Vintage Exercise DVD launch

CHARLESTONERCISE: The Vintage Workout – Exercise in style.

I spoke to Anthony today and already had my eye on this launch  – what a lovely idea. Keep fit by shimmying – I couldn’t think of anything better to get fit and have fun doing it, well I could but not with regards to dance. Get ready to bust some lovely vintage moves and through some roaring 20s shapes ladies and gents.

You can see this wonderous dance/exercise on new fangled YouTube:

WHAT: “CHARLESTONERCISE – Vintage Exercise DVD launch”

WHERE: Matt & Phred’s Jazz Club, 64 Tib Street, Manchester, M4 1LW

WHEN: Friday 29th June. 6.00pm – 1.00am

With Vintage being all the rage, The Great Gatsby being remade with Leonardo DiCaprio and the Charleston featuring on Strictly Come Dancing – Manchester dance teacher Anthony Padgett has created a new fitness workout based on the 1920’s Charleston.
CHARLESTONERCISE: The Vintage Workout – Exercise in style.
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And if you are wondering what is the Charleston? It’s a fun dance craze from the 1920’s America. It is from the Jazz era, a time of Flappers (young, liberated women), High Society, Gangsters and Prohibition (where alcohol was illegal and was drunk in illicit bars – the Speakeasies).

So ditch the leotards, lycra and leg warmers. Here is an exercise you can do in style. Put on your favourite vintage outfits and learn some easy and fun moves which also give you a great workout.

Said Anthony “I taught Salsa for 7 years and then came across the Vintage scene in Manchester and London. There was no looking back. So I put together Charleston dance moves from old films and began to teach this in Manchester. I was amazed how much energy you use and also how much fun it was. So the idea came to me, just as Salsa has Zumba as a fitness workout so the Charleston was the ideal dance for a Vintage workout – and Charlestonercise was born.

And it’s not just exercise, it’s also a social occasion. People can have drinks and nibbles afterwards. It really is a party.”

Anthony Padgett (B.A., M.A., P.G.C.E.) has been teaching dance for 10 years and has danced Charleston for BBC1 and Sky TV.

DVD booklets are available on Ebay. The DVD has 4 sequences of exercises in increasing difficulty. Each sequence has 6 moves that will exercise your thighs, waist, arms and chest. There is also a final 5th sequence that will focus on your abdomen and back. Fun moves in the DVD include The Great Gatsby, The Penguin, The Hotsy Totsy, The Flapper, to name a few.

Classes currently run in Manchester the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at Matt & Phred’s Jazz Club, M4 1LW (in the heart of Manchester’s Vintage scene)

There will also be a special DVD Press launch party on Friday 29th June 6pm – 7.30pm at Matt & Phred’s. Review/complimentary copies will be available for the Press and then the night will turn into a general 1920’s Speakeasy Party with the “Lazy River Jazz Band” until 1am.


Contact: Anthony Padgett

New fangled mobile telephone: 0790 2342448  (new fangled electronic mail, well I never…)


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