I love life in the springtime……


OK, it is still winter, and of course we can all still wear colourful clothes if we so wish in the winter, but I love spring as it tells me, screams at me, calls to me, that summer is on its way, and I am not fooled my rains April, or cloudy says as we Brits know we live with a complex weather system, but I know, I know that soon the seaside will be in its element, shorts and skirts can make an appearance, legs are eleven, breasts are popping out while lips are receding (ok that last bit was Victoria Wood)…..dresses, pretty lippy, sweet perfumes make the air smell fresh and feminine, flowers start to bloom, birds sind, fairs can be outside, festivals come and go, sandals make an appearance and skin and flesh are on show just as nature intended……all to come, unless you are lucky enough to be in a sunnier climate right now….in which case, enjoy it lovelies and bring some of the light, fresh, joyful reflection and liveliness home with you please until we don’t have to wear, socks, scarves, hats, blankets, coats…….my little contribution to brightening up winter a little (we don’t all have to wear black in winter now) is to dress to RSPCA charity mannequins in pink and red and accessories to match……I didn’t just randomly wonder in and start changing things….I volunteer there…..otherwise that would just be plain nutty! I like to be nutty but with a certain amount of permission!!

Anthropologie have some great pictures and ideas to inspire your imagination and make your creative juices dance, and boy do I feel I need that….don’t we all need a little or big reminder that life can be bright and colourful, and delightful and glorious in the little and the big things. This year I want to wear more skirts again, to find a nice swimwear and to get out and enjoy my body and life in all its sweetness and loveliness. And I wish you all wonderful experiences and loveliness in your life.

About Anita in Mrs Antil's Apartment

I am female, I love to feel free, I love to walk and explore, and I love animals and I want to find out more about them. Spending time with
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