The story so far….

As a little girl I used to play in and around my Great Aunt Kit’s flat in Brockley Cross south east London. She lived in a basement flat in a big house and her front door was the side door and the flat basically had no front door of its own – you walked in and to the left was a lovely old stair case with a soft left leatherette/lino material covering the stairs which lead to the first floor landing, and to where Mrs Antil lived (she had her own front door).

If you turned right from Aunt Kit’s ‘side door’ then that took you into my Aunt’s living room, straight ahead was her bedroom (I never went in there, not until she moved some years later) and then down a long hallway to the back of the house was her kitchen – I can’t recall where the loo was somewhere thought. There was also cat pawing around, I don’t remember her name but she lived there too. Aunt Kit’s husband had passed away some years before and she was a very strong woman who took on the role of ‘Mother’ when her mum had passed away – she was a slightly intimidating yet loving woman with a stern Victorian quality to her due to the era she grew up in, and having four siblings to look after – my Nan (Edith), Aunt Maud, Aunt Nora and Uncle Harry – what a job! And what a woman!

My Nan and my Great Aunt’s would meet there, and upstairs lived Mrs Antil – both homes were an adventure for me as they were old fashioned grown up worlds that my peek into was tinted with rose coloured glasses mostly but I love it….all the old fashioned things and rituals – tea and cakes being one of the most important along with the time together. They were all best mates. Ladies drinking tea and chatting. Lovely – the stuff dreams are made of.

My love of old things, vintage, romance, burlesque and ingenue style…….this about sums it up.

I hope you like it. I do.


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