The Caterham Vintage and Art Fair

Postponement of next fair until the New Year

It was a hard decision to make but I have postponed my next fait until the new year, so no winter wonderland fair in December, that will have to wait for next year, but there will be a fair in the Spring and I will look forward to that very much. Unexpected things occur, these things happen – sometimes it’s just not right, and I am happy with my decision, I was quite quite stressed before, and I don’t believe that my dream should be turned into a nightmare.

The theme of the next fair will be something like green/nature and I very much hope to involve The Old Surrey Downs Project in on it as they do a wonderful job of looking after our chalk grasslands through their conservation work done by staff and an army of volunteers alike – if you are interested in knowing more about them then please go to:


The Caterham Vintage and Art Fair -Winter Wonderland

Saturday the 17th of December 2011 – 11am until 5pm

Soper Hall, Harestone Valley Road, Caterham (3 mins walk from Caterham station)

If you would like to be involved in my second fair of a vintage, artistic and totally delightful and friendly nature, please get in touch by electronic mail with details of your lovely wares, and any questions you may have.

Stall and exhibition spaces start from £25 plus £5 for extras such as clothes rails, big displays, extra tables etc.

Please contact me using new fangled electronic mail for further details:

The theme is of course winter wonderland and the magical delights of Christmas.

The Caterham Vintage and Art Fair – The first fair.

Saturday the 17th of September 2011 – 11am until 5pm

Soper Hall, Harestone Valley Road, Caterham (3 mins walk from Caterham station)

Entrance – free

Two halls of Affordable Vintage and Art!!    Come and have fun!!


Exhibitors include:

* Leslie Wilson-Rutherford makes quirky framed prints, applique hoops, collaged cushion covers and other delights on – please see Leslie’s lovely creations on her website:

* Diane Boulton lovingly handcrafts jewellery made from genuine vintage treasures – please see Diane’s lovely creations on her website:

*Michelle Hollis has a collection of wonderful vintage, handcrafted, bright and quirky intriguing items for your home – please see Michelle’s lovely creations on her website:

* Faye Skinner makes lovely bespoke handmade jewellery including very pretty silver bangles, earrings and necklaces – please see Faye’s lovely creations on her website:

* Majorie be Bruyn is a jane of all creative trades, from romantic and evocative oil paintings, and crafts including jewelery making, pottery, etching, drawing, photography and design – please see Marjorie’s lovely creations on her website:

* Kate Tulett makes wonderfully pretty things using recycyled fabrics and paper as well as using finds she finds on her travels to create textile art, bunting and homewares – please see Kate’s lovely creations on her website:

* Suzie Sharp sells vintage homewares and accessories as well as making very beautiful bags. Suzie will soon have her own blog and I shall keep you posted!

* Hilary’s Patch knits and stitches pretty cushions and  place mats along with pincushions, cot quilts and lovely scented hearts, bunting and homewares – please see Hilary’s lovely creations on her website:

* Trina Dalziel is a beautiful illustrator and surface designer with a sweet, funny and effortless style. Trina paints and draws animals and patterns and pretty much anything that takes her fancy is the most charming way – – please see Trina’s lovely creations on her website:

* Kayhan Foulger has a lovely vintage and retro style and handmakes her crafts using vintage material, buttons and buckles in her designs where possible. Kayhan is inspired by lovely vintage fabrics or vintage designs or dresses that she finds, which inspires me her make something – please see Kayhan’s lovely creations on her website:

Carol Harrington paints lovely still life and landscapes painted in situ or based on oil and pencil sketches. She also paints really sweet portraits of children and pets in oils or pastels – please see Carol’s lovely art works on her website:


Stall/exhibition space – From £25

The theme of the fair is:   My love of old things, vintage, romance, burlesque and ingenue style – please bear in mind that I do have eclectic taste so if you are not sure if your art fits in with this then please get in touch as you may be surprised! Pretty much all vintage would be great although if it’s 80s day-glo I will say a   no. I particularly love 40s and 50s. Small items please – clothes, accessories, books etc….again if you’re not sure please get in touch.

The Caterham Vintage & Art Fair is aimed at the local community of Caterham and surrounding areas, although anyone from further afield is welcome. If you are involved in any community projects that you think would be relevant for the event then please get in touch and I will do my best to find a way to involve you.

There will be live entertainment and a ‘tea room’ serving ration recipe cakes and cupcakes along with tea, of course!

All vintage wares and art works should be affordable ranging from under £5 to £500 at most please.

I am still looking for vintage stall holders and artists to take part so please do get in touch for further details, and/or a booking form.

Please also feel free to include this event on any online medium and tell your friends too.

If you would like to know more, have any questions etc then please contact me at


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